Custom Tours to Israel

Israel has a lot to offer in the terms of touring. It has tradition, religion and a lot of history related to these both and that is the reason that there are so many custom tours to Israel available on the internet. People can now just book any custom tour online and visit any place they like with a tour guide to give them knowledge of the place and its history. The Jews have strong religious and cultural norms that have a lot of history and there are people all over the world that are eager to learn about it which are why they chose to visit Israel instead of anywhere else. Israel is a very good place for art people to wander about and learn the history of art and many historical paintings are in Israel as well as sculptures.

Top Private and Custom Tours:

Masada and Dead Sea Day Trip from Jerusalem:

The Dead Sea is a remarkable landscape of Israel present in Jerusalem and has a lot of history on it. The tour has a very comfortable plan and takes the tourists on a very smooth ride through the desert and the Dead Sea.

Nazareth, Tiberia and Sea of Gililee Day Trip:

This trip takes the people on a tour of the most religious and historical Christian sites and artifacts and provides a private guide that tells the whole history of everything to the tourists which is the major draw of this tour; the history related to the sites.

Tel Aviv Private Tour:

Tel Aviv also known as the ‘white city’ is a very famous city of Israel and has a lot of historical sites that can be visited by the tourists. The whole tour of Tel Aviv is done on foot and people enjoy that a lot and take in all the history and art on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Western Wall Tunnel and Private Tour:

A private local guide of Tel Aviv takes the tourists on a walking tour through the city’s western wall tunnel which is a mixture of ancient history and modern landmarks which make it even more interesting. The tour guide gives a feel of what it is like actually living in Tel Aviv and how the people feel there and what they do and what their lifestyle is.